Understanding slide rail systems

About trench shields and trench shoring
August 28, 2019

Slide Rail Systems are an alternative to traditional sheeting methods. They are made up of vertical steel posts and steel panels – like those of a trench box. A four-sided pit system is created by the panels sliding into the posts. Then, the posts and panels are gradually pushed into the pit as the site is being excavated.

As the site is dug deeper, the deeper the Slide Rail System is pushed. Because it is installed gradually, it prevents trench wall loss. They are boasted as one of the most versatile shoring systems in the industry because they can be used is a variety of situations.

There are several different types of Slide Rail Systems to solve any shoring challenges and to ensure that your site and crew are safe at all times.

The Muti-Bay Slide Rail System uses unique parallel beams which roll up and down the slot on the inside face of the linear posts. These parallel beams have spreader collars that pin standard trench box spreaders. There are 2 kinds of Multi-Bay Systems: the 4-Sided Multi-Bay System and the LINEAR Multi-Bay System.

The 4-Sided Pit Slide Rail System are individual slide rail components which give the option of using lighter equipment during the installation of the system. A big advantage of using this type of system is that installation and excavation are completed at the same time, which of course saves time and reduces costs.

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