4 Sided Pit Slide Rail

4 Sided Pit Slide Rail

Individual Slide Rail components offer the option of using lighter equipment when installing the system. The cost of rental and installation of the system is approximately 50 percent of steel sheeting. One of the biggest advantages of 4 Sided Pit Slide Rail is that installation of the system and the excavation are completed together, saving time and reducing cost.

Also wall to wall working space of a 4-sided Slide Rail System is greater than a standard trench box or other shoring, installing Slide Rail causes minimal vibration to adjacent buildings and surrounding structures.

This product is available for both Rental and Sale!

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With over 50 years in the shoring and fabrication industry, we are unsurpassed in selection, design and customer service.

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Multi Bay Slide Rail

BMG trench shoring systems are strong, easy to install and extremely safe and reliable. Contact us today for more information.

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