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TuffGuy Aluminum Trench Box

TuffGuy Aluminum Trench Box is a robust, modular aluminum box that features full-length steel ends and utilizes our patented “pin-less” design. This TuffGuy is light to lift, but drives like a steel box. It is a definite powerhouse for your arsenal.


    •  Patented Pin-less Design
      Our patented pin-less design eliminates the use of assembly pins, making assembly and disassembly in the trench faster than ever. Having said that, it comes with balanced 4-point, rotating rigging, and this shield is easy to lift and place in the trench.
    •  Designed Tough
      Robust, modular aluminum sidewalls and your choice of full-length steel or aluminum guide rails allow this shield to drive with the power of a steel box.
    •  Modular Panel Design
      Choose from our full line of options to configure your box to your exact needs. More importantly, we make it work for you, not the other way around. TuffGuy can be converted into a 3- or 4-sided shield by attaching Drop ‘Ons to spreaders to close off the ends of the shield, giving you more options to protect works from end cave-ins. In addition, The TuffGuy’s components are also interchangeable with other SafeGuard products, making it a solid investment piece for all of your jobs.
    •  Easy Transport and Storage
      This powerhouse can easily be transported in the bed of a pickup track. Also, Unassembled components can be stacked and stored away, making the most of your limited space.


  • Adjustable spreaders
  • Arch spreaders

TuffGuy Aluminum Trench Box


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