Steel Trench Boxes

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Trench work falls under the category of “perilous work” due to its unstable nature. Although, it doesn’t have to be this way. With BMG Shoring’s steel trench boxes, you can eliminate more than half the risk. This is because, our steel plates shield your workers from the possibility of a cave-in. As a result of the box system, even unstable soil is held tight by our plates.

Benchmark Group’s steel trench boxes come in all different sizes. In addition, we can provide them with your specifications if needed. Don’t miss out on the chance to improve safety and efficiency. More importantly, start your project the right way!

Excavation and underground utility contractors recognize Kundel as hefty supplier of building materials for their trench shielding needs. We pride ourselves in excellence and quality, providing the widest selection of OSHA-approved trench boxes. Our steel trench boxes come with professional engineer certified and stamped tabulated data.[/su_box]

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BMG Trench Shoring sells and rents the world’s most complete line of Trench Shoring Equipment. From ultra light aluminum shoring, which you can carry by hand, to giant trench boxes and slide rail sheeting replacement systems. No one has more product knowledge or ingenuity than the people at BMG Shoring. We are unsurpassed in selection, design and customer service.

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