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Racking Adapters
Customize your trench shield to your exact needs

Racking Adapters
Racking Adapters

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Racking Adapters

Trench Box Accessories

Benchmark Racking Adapters. These product allow up to 15 degrees of racking while keeping the sidewalls plum. Ideal for scenarios where you have to stabilize the surrounding soil as you dig. Another feature is the ability to use with standard boxes you may already have, pin and play.

Something else about Racking Adapters & Trench Accessories

Trench box risers, grabbers, bridge-all systems, and racking adapters are necessary for several reasons, each contributing to the safety and efficiency of trench work:

  • Trench Box Risers: These are used to extend the height of trench boxes to accommodate deeper excavations. They are essential when the depth of the trench exceeds the height of the standard trench box, ensuring continuous protection against cave-ins.

  • Trench Box Grabbers: These tools are designed to safely and efficiently lift and move trench boxes into place. They are crucial for maintaining safety on-site by minimizing the manual handling of heavy trench boxes, reducing the risk of injury.

  • Bridge-All Systems: These create a bridge over the trench for vehicles or equipment to cross over safely. They are necessary to maintain access across trenches while ensuring that the trench remains secure and the workers inside are protected.

  • Racking Adapters: This product allow for the stacking of trench boxes or shields when not in use or during transportation. They are important for maximizing space efficiency on-site and during storage, as well as for maintaining organization and safety.

Overall, these accessories enhance the functionality of trench boxes, improve operational efficiency, and ensure compliance with safety regulations, making them indispensable components of trench work in construction.
For specific information about our products, such as load capacity, compatibility with different trench box models, and safety features, contact with us.