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Basic Bedding Box
Titan Series

Basic Bedding Box
Basic Bedding Box

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Basic Bedding Box

Titan Series

Basic Bedding Box designed with production in mind. Our Titan Stone boxes are designed to set up a rhythm for pipe installation, helping you to always have bedding material staged by the excavation site for quick and uniform installation. The by-product of better production is safety, eliminating delays and no excess pressure on the trench walls. By utilizing a Titan Stone Box, your bedding material is always ready. When you’re ready to lay pipe, your excavator can easily scoop the bedding material out of the bedding box, eliminating delays and costly labor. Functional design to eliminate production delays. Our standard, “no frills” bedding box is simple and affordable, making it a perfect choice if your bedding box needs are only occasional.

Features & Benefits

Walk Bar. Solid welded to create an extra strong box

Drag Bar. Welded to two heavy plates and inset from the front of the box, it helps strengthen the box and hold the sides in place

Roll-up Bottom. Base ends are rolled up, allowing for easy box movement


Primary UsesBedding Distribution
Production Sizes Available4.5, 6, 7.5 and 9 cu.yd
Something else about Bedding Boxes

Bedding boxes, also known as stone boxes or material boxes, are necessary in construction projects for several reasons:

  • Material Storage: They provide a convenient on-site storage solution for materials like sand, gravel, and other backfill materials that are used during the construction process.

  • Efficiency: Having a bedding box on-site allows for quick and easy access to materials, which can significantly increase the efficiency of construction operations.

  • Protection of Materials: Bedding boxes protect their contents from contamination and segregation, ensuring that the materials remain in good condition until they are needed.

  • Cost Savings: By storing materials on-site, construction projects can reduce the frequency of material deliveries, which can lead to cost savings on transportation.

  • Job Site Organization: They help keep the job site organized by providing a designated area for material storage, which can improve safety and workflow.

  • Versatility: Bedding boxes can be used in various phases of construction, from excavation to utility work, and can be easily moved around the site as needed.

Overall, bedding boxes are a practical and necessary component of many construction sites, contributing to the safety, efficiency, and organization of construction operations.