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BMG shoring rental & sales provides our customers with tools that enhance the accuracy, efficiency, connectivity and safety of the work they do. Using technologically advanced GPS and Surveying Instruments

Exclusive Canadian representative of:


BMG shoring rental & sales supports their customers with a suite of associated rental equipment such as laser levels, test-ball plugs, shoring systems for trenching and steel road plating, along with construction and surveying equipment and supplies.

BMG shoring rental & sales has invested a significant amount of time to discover and deliver the latest technology for your jobsite needs. We can manufacture a wide range of solutions to take you from concept to completion.

BMG shoring rental & sales sells and rents the world’s most complete line of Canada trench shoring equipment. From ultra light aluminum shoring, which can be used by hand, to giant trench boxes and slide rail sheeting replacement systems no one has more product knowledge or ingenuity than our shoring professionals!

With over 50 years in the industry, we are unsurpassed in selection, design and customer service.

Please CLICK HERE to request trench shoring information or call 800 580 4195 to speak with a qualified shoring professional today.

About Us

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