Multishore Aluminum Trench Boxes

Multishore Aluminum Trench Boxes

Simple, robust aluminum.

Designed to utilize a variety of different sized walers and end posts to effectively secure irregularly shaped excavation sites.
Kundel has solved the problem of irregularly shaped excavations during underground maintenance and repairs. The MultiShore system can be assembled as a standard trench shield system or a 3, 4, 5 … 8 sided system for irregular excavations. The system utilizes a variety of different sized walers and end posts to effectively secure the excavation.


    •  Variety of panel options
      MultiShore kits come standard with pre-engineered wood panels that are individually proof loaded and strength-tested. However, any combination of plates and panels can be used in this system, maximizing your solutions:
      • T1 Trench Plate – a strong, single corrugated steel panel sheet that is light weight. These panels come in 2’ to 8’ widths. They also come in 4’, 6’ and 8’ tall. Finn Form can be used in lieu of the steel panels.
      • Aluminum V-Panels – ultra-lightweight aluminum panel that comes with an attachable/detachable steel pounding pad at the top and knife edge on the bottom. Panels can easily be adjusted vertical and clamped in place with their waler clamp.
      • Specially Engineered Wood – Another great option is to use our Pre-Engineered Planks. The planks come in 1-1/2” x 12” wide and in lengths of 4’, 6‘, 8,’, and 10‘. Not only can these planks be anchored to the walers on the MultiShore, but they can be used with Kundel Guard Rail kits.
    •  Hinge-able Design
      MultiShore utilizes a unique hinged design feature between the walers and posts, so you can mold sidewalls to awkward-shaped ditches. Our hinge-able design exceeds OSHA standards.
    •  Compatible Modular Components
      MultiShore’s components are interchangeable with other Safeguard products. MultiShore consists of four modular components: 1) walers, 2) hinges, 3) panels and 4) posts. To assemble, simply place the walers in the desired shape, thread posts through the walers, attach hinges and panels, and then place in the ditch. A simple solution to a difficult problem.


  • Adjustable spreaders
  • Arch spreaders

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Multishore Aluminum Trench Boxes

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