BMG Trench Shoring’s lightweight Municipal steel trench shields, or “tap box”, guarantee a safe work place. This happens when repairing, replacing or installing municipal utilities. A standard rubber-tire backhoe can handle and place the box with ease, and without danger. In addition, it is strong enough to withstand extreme soil pressures, characteristic of unstable soil. Municipal trench shields are one of the most sought after safety equipment for any city’s DPW (Department of Public Works) or water department.

These Municipal steel trench shields work well under any type of soil. Doesn’t matter if it is stable or unstable. They are also light enough to prevent work place injuries. Which, for instance, are not a problem in the first place, given it’s extra durable system that prevents cave-ins. BMG Trench Shoring rents and sells this product considering the specifications of any particular project.

Munuicipal Steel Trench Shields

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