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Steel Road Plate Sale & Rental
Steel Road Plate Sale & Rental


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Steel Road Plate

We love steel. That’s why Benchmark Shoring has the stock road plate you need to keep your project rolling. In fact, we can cover more ground than other shoring companies to fit your project’s needs. Indeed, our steel road plates are made from ASTM A-36 steel. And, they are safe and durable for traffic and pedestrians, with no sharp edges or protrusions above the plate surface.
We provide our steel plates with or without the skid resistant texture. In addition, we can repair your existing steel plates. For more information, just call us at the number below. In short, don’t miss your chance to get the highest quality product for your construction.

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Formed Steel Design


WidthxLenghtxThickness=Weight lbs

Don’t see your size? No problem, because we stock much more than is listed above. And, if need be, we can fabricate it from scratch in under 24 hours.
Benchmark Shoring has you covered.