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August 21, 2019
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August 23, 2019

Voluntarily going down to a pit that has been recently excavated with no security equipment whatsoever, is something that probably not many people would like to do, never the less, there are situations in which it is necessary due to installation, maintenance or replacement works that ought to be done. For this, trench shoring safety is needed to provide a safe working environment and risk-free to the construction workers. Neither this means to spend loads of money because solution (depending on the kind and size of the project) is fairly simple and economical too.

Value engineering is a systematic evaluation method that targets the materials analysis, systems and processes, as well as the building’s equipment with the sole purpose to achieve the required functions of the working program at the lowest cost

In other words, value engineering helps us to answer the cost & benefit dilemma without jeopardizing the quality of the task at hand or in this particular case, the safety of the people working for us.

With this in mind, the popular saying “better be safe than sorry” takes even more meaning because depending on the work or task to be done, our aluminum or steel trench shoring boxes come to transform in your perfect ally as it watches over the safety of your working crew and in consequence your budget. Whether be renting or buying, our wide range of trench shoring boxes will prevent the walls of the pit or trench you’re digging fall upon someone or something thus provoking an accident, diminishing in consequence your budget and also costing time and money.

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