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August 22, 2019
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August 26, 2019

Now and then happens that meanwhile, you are driving your car or riding your bike, you cross paths with a municipality utility replacement or a brief construction roadblock.
This situation has many outcomes, which two of them may be as next:
You take a different road preventing further delay.
You decide to continue and pass over the steel road plates that are on the ground.
This second option can have another adjacent consequence, if you pass over it at a high speed, you may feel a bump.
To ease this, and prevent accidents also, we are now offering rubber ramps in any steel road plate rental or steel road plate sale.
It is not a secret to anyone that a misplaced road plate can be hard to go over, especially if it’s not well secured.
Our rubber ramps can be attached as required to any steel road plate of any size, and since they can be custom made, the thickness is not a problem!
So, next time you are thinking about how to create a safe working site for pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and workers alike, remember that Benchmark Group has a solution for all your trench shoring and building safety needs.

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