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September 27, 2015
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There is not much to say about road plates that hasn’t been said already; I mean, they’re just a flat plastic or steel made surface with different measures and generally 1 inch thick, but why 1 inch is the thickness we all ask for in the first place?

 The reason is simple, it’s the standard size, bur what if we had it calculated? To calculate the weight or “abuse” a road plate will have, whether it be made of steel or plastic, is of the most importance to have to know exactly the kind of work to be done, the transit volume and kind of transit it will have to resist during the time it takes the construction workers to finish their labor.

The thickness and size of a road plate should be determined and authorized by a suitably qualified supervisor. This because is the responsibility of those who oversee the construction site to assure the safety and wellbeing of pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, vehicles and workers.

A simple way of being sure a road plate will not rock and displace due to a continuous traffic period, is to pin it to the pavement or the edge of the surface to be covered, although this process requires additional equipment it is the most adaptable to any kind of terrain.

Another solution can be steel plates to be recessed into the road, this involves cutting out the area where the plate will be placed, in other words, if an inch steel plate is to be used, the cutout sill be of one inch deep, also is to be considered that when multiple steel plates are to be used, welding them together is advisable. This safety precaution is especially effective in tarmac or concrete roads.

Finally, the easiest way to secure road plates is by using asphalt wedges around the perimeter.

Complimenting one safety method with another could be a good precaution if needed.

Benchmark Group has customizable steel road plates, either you want to rent steel road plates or prefer to buy them, rest assured that we will make everything in our hands to help you improve the safety of your project.

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