Here are our top 6:

1. No repairs – Normal wear and tear happens, especially to trench boxes and slide rail systems. We take care of all those repairs at our locations, freeing you up from the extra overhead that would be associated with doing the repairs.*

2. Right equipment for the job – a one size fits all strategy can cost more over the course of a project. By renting the equipment needed for specific jobs, you can ensure that you have the exact equipment needed to get the job done in a correct and timely manner.

3. Delivery to the jobsite – With a trucking fleet at our disposal, we can get they equipment you need to your jobsite, on the day that you need it. Saving time on and space on the jobsite.

4. Cost saving – By renting the equipment, you avoid the capital investment involved in buying, repairing, storing and moving the equipment from job to job. Allowing you to conserve you capital for other projects and opportunities.

5. Increase your borrowing power – Renting equipment does not show as liability on the balance sheet. Which will allow you to show a better assets to liabilities ratio.

6. Complement your existing fleet – If you already own some trench shoring, shielding and site access equipment, renting will allow you to fill in the gaps on those projects where your existing fleet just might not be the right equipment for the job.

*Applies to normal wear and tear only, excessive damage done to equipment is subject to repair cost.

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