Build a Box Trench Shoring

Slide Rail Trench Shoring
August 25, 2015
Slide Rail Trench Shoring
August 25, 2015

Build a Box Trench Shoring

Modular Aluminum Trench Shield System is Hand assembled, Pick-up Truck Transportable

Build-A-Box can be used in a variety of ways:
– Repair Work
– Taps
– Laterals
– Limited Access Areas Using a Backhoe
– Manhole Installation

Various Panel Sizes Available.
– Standard sizes 5-ft and 7-ft
– Spliced panels available: 9-ft, 13-ft, 15-ft, etc., even up to 24-ft with additional engineering.

Hand Assembled.
Can be assembled in minutes to 2-sided, 3-sided or 4-sided shields. Flexibility of configurations allows for on-the-spot design changes to meet each job requirement.

Pick-up Truck Transportable.
Complete units can be transported in pick-up truck or van making deliveries quick and easy.

Exclusive Corner End Post.
Accommodates either adjustable struts or panels and allows for unlimited box designs.

Heavy Duty Adjustable Strut.
Provides maximum versatility and strength.

Foam Filled.
All panels are foam filled to prevent dirt and water build up.

Tongue and Groove Design.
Provides for self alignment, simplifies assembly.

Fast and Easy Hand Assembly
Complete unit stacks flat, minimizing storage and transportation problems.
Most aluminum panels can be handled by one person.
Panels are pinned to corner end posts.
Panels are stacked to desired height.
Versatility allows for T-connections.
Optical barrier posts increase safety factor.

Lightweight 2 ft. High Modular Sections to 12 ft. Long to Suit Your Needs
Sectional corner end post allows maximum flexibility
Full length corner end post allows maximum pipe clearance
Changes From 2-Sided to 3-Sided or 4-Sided Build-A-Box in Minutes
By removing adjustable struts from a 2-sided Build-A-Box and replacing them with modular panels, you can convert to a 3-sided or 4-sided shield in minutes.

Build a Box Trench Shoring

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