BG Trench Shoring sells and rents a complete line of Canada Trench Shoring Equipment. From ultra light aluminum shoring, which can be used by hand, to giant trench boxes and slide rail sheeting replacement systems no one has more product knowledge or ingenuity than the our Trench Shoring Professionals.

With a wide range of trench shielding and trench shoring equipment, from our trench shields (or trench boxes) for pipe and rehab work, to our Slide Rail Shoring and Sheeting & Bracing systems for larger projects, our trench shoring products are designed to be used with a wide range of machine sizes, from rubber tired backhoes to excavators.

With over 50 years in the industry, we are unsurpassed in selection, design and customer service for Trench Shoring Products than any other company out there.

Try the one company that does it all, from customized materials to field supervision North American Shoring does it better than anyone else.

Please CLICK HERE to request trench shoring information or call us toll free 800 580 4195 to speak with a Regina shoring professional today.

Other Services

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